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University Library Zurich

Campus Oerlikon goes «Open Library»

As of now, our 5 locations on the Oerlikon campus are accessible to UZH members outside of service hours. By the end of 2023, more library locations will become «Open Libraries».

The University Library of Zurich is on the way to becoming an «Open Library»: the aim is to make library spaces accessible throughout for study and research, and thus to fully exploit the potential of these spaces.

UZH card access enables us to operate UB locations as «Open Libraries». This means that UZH members can access the locations during building opening hours, even if no staff are on site. This now also applies to our 5 UB locations on the Oerlikon campus. The counters will continue to be serviced during service hours. During service hours, the libraries are open to the public.

Newly accessible with UZH Card during building opening hours: 7-19 hrs. 

By the end of 2023, 23 of the UB's 40 locations will be equipped with UZH Card access.

Your feedback is needed
Please send us your input so that we can work together to set up an optimal self-service. We are  happy to receive your feedback online via 

Feedback-Padlet for the Open Libraries