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University Library Zurich - now available at UZH

UZH members now have free access to "". The AI tool makes it easier to find and evaluate the content of scientific papers. is an AI-supported platform that specializes in scientific research. It analyzes scientific publications and shows how often certain research articles have been cited by other studies. This can help researchers to better assess the credibility and influence of scientific work.

After a pilot phase in spring 2023, the University Library Zurich and the ZB Zurich have acquired a permanent license to use the website. This means that UZH members now have unlimited access to the AI platform free of charge 

To use, you must be connected to the UZH network (directly or via VPN)


AI assistant for science draws its information mainly from databases, full-text journal articles and metadata from the scientific community. It also has access to some publishers such as Wiley and Cambridge University Press as well as open access articles. Although is mainly focused on the sciences, it also includes some humanities journals and publishers.

In addition to the literature analysis, offers other functions such as a browser extension that enables "Smart Citations" to be displayed on all pages with scientific articles. Or the Scite Assistant, a chat interface like ChatGPT, which generates its answers from the full texts of millions of research articles, including citations.

Further information on the functions and areas of application of can be found in our blog post on