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LaRS: New Swiss repository for linguistic data


The Language Repository of Switzerland - LaRS for short - has been online since September 2022. Linguistics researchers can now archive and publish their research data free of charge with LaRS.


The Language Repository of Switzerland (LaRS) is a national platform for publishing linguistic research data. Linguists can now use LaRS to record, archive and publish research data free of charge.

LaRS bietet Linguist*innen Vorteile:

  • The platform meets the requirements of research funders (i.e. primarily the SNSF) to share data as openly as possible.
  • LaRS facilitates the implementation of the FAIR principles
  • Unlike Zenodo, the metadata, and as far as possible, the data are curated; a team of data curators also takes care of the long-term preservation of the data and, if necessary, performs conversions into more suitable formats.
  • Research projects and data are made visible in their own research community.
  • The exploitation rights to the data are clearly regulated through the granting of licences and contracts.
  • The data sets are clearly addressable with a DOI and can be cited scientifically.
  • Networking with the European research network for linguistics (CLARIN) is planned.

How does LaRS work?

LaRS uses SWISSUbase as its repository system. SWISSUbase facilitates access to research data and projects across different disciplines and provides Swiss research institutions with a reliable data infrastructure. Here you learn more about the structure and services of the LaRS project

Publishing with LaRS

Voraussetzung ist eine Vertretung deren Universität imKonsortium. In unserem Blog finden Sie Infos, wie Sie auf LaRS publizieren können


The prerequisite is that your university is represented in the CLARIN CH consortium. In our blog you will find information on how to publish on LaRS