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University Library Zurich

Book Flea Market on 27.10.2022


On 27.10.2022, the UB book flea market will take place in the atrium of the main building. Here you can buy new and old books at a price of 5 francs per kilo. 

"Every book, no matter how bizarre, finds a reader," says Susanna Blaser-Meier, Head of UB History, Culture and Theology. Instead of simply throwing away books that we have several times, we offer them at a flea market for a reasonable price. 

The UB book flea market will take place on Thursday, 27.10.2022 from 10:00 to 16:00 in the atrium of the UZH main building.

On offer are works from art history, Egyptology, history, Islamic studies, philosophy, Japanese studies (in Japanese) and other fields. We offer the books at a price per kilo of CHF 5. Exceptions are particularly old or valuable copies, which are marked accordingly. 

Antiquarian, old or new - we hope for many interested readers so that we do not have to consign the books to the skip. It is worthwhile to come by!