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Book Study Spaces

Study spaces can be reserved via booked:


We also offer study spaces that can be used without prior reservation.

Work stations to watch a film can't be offered at the moment.

Work Stations to Watch a Film

Work stations to watch a film can't be offered at the moment.

Information about the use of these work stations (for students of Film Studies) are available at the information desk of the UB Popular Cultures & Film Studies.

Lending of Recording Equipment

Recording equipment for interviews can be borrowed only by students of Popular Cultures. This is possible from Monday to Friday from 10:00am-1:00pm. Reservations are not possible! The loan period is two weeks.

Information about the Location (AFL-G-272)

In the location you find items in connection with the research in ISEK Popular Cultures as well as Film Studies (see also Special Collection Film Studies).

Information about the Video Library (AFL-G-233)

The video library is research stock for film studies. It contains over 55'000 films from the entire international film history from the beginnings to the present. All films are available on Blu-rays or DVDs, the film scores on CDs. A small audio library also contains a representative selection of film scores.

The collection areas of the video library include:

  • the main film genres (feature film, documentary film, experimental film, animated film, essay film, industrial film, amateur film, educational film, and television films and series)
  • films from all parts of the world (from Argentina to Zimbabwe)
  • all eras, styles and movements of film history (from early cinematography to contemporary cinema)
  • oeuvres of individual directors (from Andrea Arnold to Fred Zinnemann)
  • documentaries that cover all sorts of aspects of film history and filmmaking, both personal and factual.

Using the Video Library

You can use the video library on request at filmwissenschaft@ub.uzh.ch.