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  • Archive web-content with is a web archiving service that attempts to solve the problem of dead links by creating permanent links to archived websites. UZH now offers an unlimited number of links to its members.
  • Data Stewards Network @ UZH

    The new Data Stewards Network at the UZH aims to connect researchers and employees of the university that are committed to FAIR and open data.
  • 1st Swiss Diamond Open Access Conference

    How can Diamond Open Access be better supported in Switzerland? What are the opportunities and challenges associated with scholar-led publication initiatives? These questions stood at the centre of the 1st Swiss Diamond Open Access Conference, which took place in Bern on 8 March 2024 under the title «Acting Together for Sustainable Scholar-Led Publishing».

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Since 2022, the University Library Zurich has united all libraries at UZH under one organizational roof. Together with the Zentralbibliothek Zürich, we provide information resources and library services for the University of Zurich.