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University Library Zurich

Borrowing at the UB



Registration with SLSP is a prerequisite for using services of the University Library of Zurich.


Since special conditions apply to UZH members, different users may have different ways of ordering. Here you will find the corresponding instructions: 

UZH students

UZH researchers, lecturers, employees

Private individuals, alumni, companies, institutions



Pickup deadline

Ordered books remain ready for pickup for one week. We will notify you by e-mail when the ordered document is ready for pickup.


Reservation of borrowed media

You can reserve borrowed media. We will notify you by e-mail when the media is ready for collection.

Reservations for a specific date are not possible. However, you can indicate when the item is no longer needed.

Loan periods

General loan period 28 days
Maximum loan period 6 x 28 days
Deadline extension: automatic 5 x 28 days

The loan period is automatically extended a maximum of 5 times. You can also extend manually via your user account. Please note that manual extensions can shorten the maximum loan period.

If the media has been reserved elsewhere or the maximum period has expired, the media must be returned. In this case, you will receive a free return reminder by e-mail.

After the first recall, a maximum of three reminders (with reminder fees) will be sent at least one week apart. The third reminder will be sent by mail. We cannot accept undeliverable callbacks and reminders as reasons for late returns. Details are regulated by theBenutzungsreglement der UB Zürich (PDF, 294 KB) (german only) 

Lost media

Report the loss of borrowed media to us immediately. The effective acquisition costs, a handling fee plus reminder fees will be charged. The complete list of fees can be found in the appendix of the Benutzungsreglements UB Zürich. (PDF, 294 KB) (german only)

Weiterführende Informationen

Questions on Borrowing?

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