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How to Order: Libraries


Libraries from Switzerland register via SLSP registration platform. Media can be ordered directly via swisscovery, as collection location select > Postage > Business address.




Libraries from abroad send their order by form. Whether documents from the UB holdings are delivered to foreign libraries depends on the policies of each location.
Please send renewal requests by e-mail to:

Fees for foreign libraries

Ordering Costs

Copies from the UB holdings

1 IFLA-Voucher / CHF 12.- per 50  pages
Postal dispatch to libraries in Europe 2 IFLA-Voucher / CHF 24.- per medium
Postal dispatch to libraries in GB
and overseas
3 IFLA-Voucher / CHF 36.- per medium
or after arrangement

Weiterführende Informationen

Questions on Borrowing?

+41 44 636 11 11