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Annual Stock-taking

Because of annual stock-taking, no orders to and from the location will be possible from Monday, 10 June to Friday, 21 June 2024.

Osteuropäische Geschichte

Information about Access

Access to the UB Eastern European History is possible on request, please contact us at the info desk at UB Philosophy.


The items can be ordered via swisscovery to all pickup locations and be borrowed there (see Pickup and return locations). The UB Eastern European History itself is not a pickup location.

Information about the Location (KO2-G-283)

The collection comprises a stock of about 20'000 volumes and about 80 current journals. A large part of the collections are in the languages of Eastern Europe (about 71%), with the collections on the history of the Russian Empire, the Soviet Union and its successor states (excluding the Baltic States) accounting for by far the largest share (about 52% of the total collections). Relatively large are the collections on older Russian history, including source editions, but modern Russian history is also well covered. Of the other regions of Eastern Europe, the Slavic-speaking areas in particular take up a large space, primarily works on Polish history and on the history of the Southern Slavs (excluding Bulgaria) / Yugoslavia (about 11% each), but other regions are also covered by a selection of survey and reference works, source editions, and specialized literature (Baltic States, Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria, Albania, Byzantium / Greece, Ottoman Empire).

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