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UB History

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Annual Stock-taking and Cleaning

Because of annual stock-taking and cleaning, the location will be closed from Monday, 10 June to Friday, 28 June 2024.

This also applies to access with UZH Card.


Information about Access

Access with UZH Card is also possible during opening hours of the Natural History Museum.

Where to Find What?

What Study Spaces are Available?

There are around 50 study spaces in the library. UZH members can reserve some of these study spaces via online tool: booked-UB

  • Vacant study spaces can be used at any time, but reservations take priority.
  • Not all study spaces can be reserved.
  • Some study spaces are reserved for students of the Department of History.

What Infrastructure Can I Use Here?

Item Collection and Return

At the entrance there is a self-checkout station and a shelf for picking up and returning items.



The following lockers are available:

  • 132 lockers in KO2 floor G (free, 28 days loan, reservation via swisscovery)
  • 48 lockers in KO2 floor H (free, 28 days loan, reservation via swisscovery)

Locker keys can be borrowed at UB Philosophy (KOL-F-114).

Information about the Location and Collection (KO2-H-356)

UB History (KO2-H-356)

The location is in the main building, next to the Department of History. Together with the Zentralbibliothek Zürich, it provides students and researchers with the relevant literature. The collection comprises around 100'000 items. Most of the books can be borrowed at the self-checkout station. Reference works and the latest journal issues are available for use in the reading room.


Social and Economic History (RAE-U-14)

The collection contains around 19'000 items on social, cultural, political and economic history. It is housed in the building of the Research Centre for Social and Economic History (Rämistrasse 64). All items at the location are reference stock. Internal lending to employees is permitted.

Weiterführende Informationen

Subject Information

Subject related support with information about resources, courses, tutorials and experts can be found here:

Floor Plan Study Spaces (KO2-H-356)