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E-Library UB & ZB

The UB and ZB E-Library is a collection of electronic media. The content can be used and downloaded on the UZH network. The collection includes various media formats, including e-books, e-journals, databases, image and sound resources, as well as articles and studies from research and teaching. The E-Library collection can be found in swisscovery for the UB and ZB Zurich.

Accessing the E-Library

  • Researchers, students, lecturers, and employees of UZH have automatic access to the E-Library.
  • Downloads are only possible whilst being in the UZH network.
  • Members of the universities of applied sciences (including DIZH participants) do not have access to UZH e-resources.
  • For non-UZH members, there are public research stations available at our locations that give access to licensed material.
  • Further information can be found in the tutorials How to Access the E-Library Off-Campus and No Access? Your Options.

Is the E-Library Accessible to You?

What Are the Access Methods?

UZH members and members of the University Hospitals must be connected to the UZH network to use the E-Library.

Access Login Technological prerequisite
VPN UZH Shortname

Configuration of the External UZH Network Access (VPN)

iOS/iPad-OS: Journals access not possible for students via VPN.




Authentication via EZproxy takes place via our website directly in the web browser and is valid for the duration of one session (see information on access).

A SWITCH edu-ID must be created or be available. Details can be found on the registration website.

The SWITCH edu-ID must be linked to the institutional account once:

Link with the UZH

Link with the USZ (works only in the usz network)

EZproxy Balgrist mail
(only Lehre/Forschung)
Authentication via EZproxy takes place via our website directly in the web browser and is valid for the duration of one session (see information on access).
  • E-resources are for personal use, research, and teaching purpose only. Any commercial use is prohibited.

  • The full texts may not be passed on to third parties either electronically or in printed form, nor may they be made accessible to third parties online.

  • The systematic download of full texts or search results – also for text and data mining – is prohibited.
  • Passwords and other access data are confidential and may not be disclosed to third parties.
  • The Copyrightfor the electronic full texts lies with the publisher or the author(s) of the publication.
  • Please also refer to the copyright regulations of the publishers on their websites (e.g., under Terms & Conditions).

Weiterführende Informationen

Questions about the E-Library?

+41 44 636 11 11

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