Book a Study Space

Impressionen von UB Räumen

Escape the daily routine at home, study in peace and quiet, or meet up with your study group: The UB offers around 3’000 study space at its different locations.

Reservation Portal for UZH-Members

UZH-members can book their study space or group room via booked-UB.

Reservation Portal for Non-UZH-Members

Non-UZH-members can book their study space via booked-UB-external.

Access Regulations

Specific access regulations can be found in the Location Navigator.

What Do I Do If...

...I'm occupying a reserved space and someone else claims it?


It's like in the SBB carriage: Free spaces in the reservable area can be used by everyone, but the person with a reservation has priority. We therefore recommend you reserve your study space.

...a space is marked as booked in the reservation system but no one is actually using it?


Go to the info desk and report the space in question. We will cancel the booking so that it will be available for reservation again.

Long-Term Study Space

Several UB locations offer long-term study spaces. See Location navigator  (filter: long-term study space) for availability and specific conditions.

Empty Rooms = Study Rooms

Empty UZH lecture rooms or halls can be used for individual study. Here you find available rooms/halls:
Room Occupancy

For current reasons, please note that the rooms are closed in the evening hours due to the lack of energy if there is no room reservation. This avoids unnecessary energy consumption for heating, ventilation and lighting.