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Publications in ZORA

As a researcher at the University of Zurich, you are required by the UZH Open Sciences Strategy to publish a complete version of your current publications on the ZORA repository, if the legal situation allows it.

What to deposit in ZORA?

As a rule, a publication in ZORA includes the following components:

  • Full-text version (post-print or publisher's PDF)
  • Bibliographic data
  • Details for the academic report (vary according to publication type)


Works in ZORA

  • Journal Articles
  • Book Sections (incl. contributions to anthologies, encyclopedias and other scientific works)
  • Monographs (incl. textbooks and schoolbooks)
  • Dissertations
  • Habilitations
  • Master's Theses (only with OA full text)
  • Newspaper Articles Accepted newspaper articles by faculty
  • Edited Scientific Works
  • Conference or Workshop Items
  • Full articles only, i.e., no abstracts, posters, or PowerPoint presentations.
  • If a conference paper is published in a book or scientific journal, it should be submitted as a book section or journal article in ZORA.
  • Working Papers (complete studies formally published as papers on the Internet within working paper series).
  • Published Research Reports
  • Scientific Publication in Electronic Form (dissemination via publisher-like platforms. Scientific television and radio contributions, including CD-ROM and DVD-ROM).

The list of accepted publication types corresponds to a requirement of the university management. Since the publications in ZORA are automatically transferred to the publication section of the academic reports, the list of publication types can only be extended after consultation with the university management.

How to Publish in ZORA?

You can find information about this here: Working with ZORA

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