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Study spaces are available at UB Greek & Latin Philology for students of the respective subjects. For further information please contact altertumswissenschaften@ub.uzh.ch.

Information about the Location (RAG-U-100)

The UB Greek & Latin Philology is a research library in the field of Greek, Latin and Medieval Latin philology. Together with the Zentralbibliothek Zürich (ZB), it provides the necessary literature for studies and research in these subjects.

In the field of Classical Greek and Latin Philology, the library contains around 46,000 books and periodicals, including critical editions of the works of Greek and Latin authors of antiquity (ca. up to the 6th century AD) in the original language, scholarly commentaries, the authoritative secondary literature, as well as handbooks and encyclopedias.

In the field of Medieval Latin Philology, UB Greek & Latin Studies has about 14,000 books and periodicals. Titles include editions of Latin authors of the Middle Ages and - to a lesser extent - of modern times, as well as handbooks and lexica. In addition, the library offers a rich source for lexicographic and linguistic works with the Latin texts of the Middle Ages.

Note on the Egyptology Collection

The Egyptology collection consist of about 11,00 volumes and is located at a separate location (TEL). To visit UB Egyptology location at Rämistrasse 78, please contact Ms. Fabienne Haas (fabienne.haas@ub.uzh.ch).