Data Management Plan

A Data Management Plan (DMP) helps you to structure, describe and store your research data in a meaningful way and to make it usable for others. More and more research funders require a DMP, including the SNSF or the ERC.

What Are the Benefits of a Data Management Plan?

Writing a data management plan requires work. However, it pays off because in the long run, a DMP will bring you:

What Does a DMP Look Like?

A Data Management Plan describes how data is created, processed, secured and finally archived and shared in a project, i.e. how your data is managed throughout the data life cycle. In principle, anyone and everyone can set up an individual DMP.

Requirements of the SNSF

Many research funders require a DMP according to their specifications when submitting projects, including the SNSF.  

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How to Write a DMP?

Find out how to write a DMP in our tutorial:

Writing a data management plan