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University Library Zurich

Our Organization

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With 40 locations, the UB stretches across the whole of the city of Zurich. We combine major locations such as the UB of Law or the UB Medicine Careum and over 30 minor locations into the UB. Decentralization is thus our hallmark.

Information Infrastructure and Resources for 50 Disciplines

A central field of work of the UB is the support of UZH researchers in the area of open science. In addition, UZH members will find a rich e-library.

The physical part of our collections is located over our 41 locations, which are assigned to six major thematic areas.

  1. History, Culture and Theology
  2. Law
  3. Philology and Economics
  4. Medicine
  5. Natural Sciences
  6. Social Sciences

The Directorate, the IT-Services, the E-Services, the central staff functions, such as the Innovation and Communications Department, which also organizes the staff training, form the central services of the UB.

Open Science Services (OSS)

Our Open Science Services are manned by UB and ZB staff. The team provides the infrastructure in the area of open access, maintains the publication platforms ZORA und HOPE, and supports researchers in all matters relating to open science: The staff provides advice, gives courses, and develops services in the area of data management and open access publications. They are also participating in projects such as the research data service SWISSUbase.

Liaison Librarians (LL)

Our approximately 70 Liaison Librarians come from both the UB and the ZB. They work closely with academic institutes in their area of expertise and further develop the collections. At the same time, they are contacts for students and researchers, teach information literacy skills, and are available for consultations. In this way, they form the interface between the library and the academia.

Interlinked Workspace

We promote collaboration among our employees across all divisions through various bodies and working groups. In addition to the close cooperation with the ZB regarding liaison services and research support, we also strive to maintain a lively exchange with ZB staff.

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