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University Library Zurich

Fine Subdivision per Country

Signature S: general and foreign constitutional and administrative law

The following subdivision applies within the individual countries:

..a Materials
..b Legal texts
..c Constitutional and administrative law: commentaries and textbooks
..d Public law: general, comparative law
..e Constitutional law
..f Fundamental rights
..g Constitutional administration
..h State law: form of government, constituent states
..i Administrative law: general
..j Economic administrative law, customs law
..k Municipal law
..l Spatial planning law, building law
..m Civil service law
..n Agriculture and forestry, hunting
..o State liability, public law decisions
..p Water and energy Law
..q Tax law
..r Education and research
..s Police law
..t Civil rights
..u Administrative act, administrative contract
..v Mail and transport
..w Culture, homeland, animal and nature protection
..x Administrative justice, administrative criminal law
..y Asylum law, aliens law
..z Health law