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University Library Zurich

Recent Acquisitions for Law

Only printed editions are listed. For e-books consult the DBIS database information system.

Recent Acquisitions of the Law Library, University of Zurich


  Subject area with call-number 2023 2024
1 General resources: General reference works and librarianship (A) year year
2 General law literature, general commemorative publications (B) year year
3 Legal studies, legal professions (Ba) year year
4 Environmental law, genetic engineering law (Bl, will no longer be included from March 2021, new in S, T or V)    
5 Philosophy of law, theory of law, sociology of law, comparative law ... (C) year year
6 Legal philosophy, legal theory and methodology (Ca) year year
7 General and legal sociology (Cb) year year
8 Law and economics, economic analysis of law, behavioral law and economics (Ch) year year
9 History of Law (D) year year
10 Roman Law (E) year year
11 German legal history (F) year year
12 Swiss legal history (G) year year
13 Swiss Civil Code (H) year year
14 Swiss Code of Obligations and commercial law, business law (J) year year
15 Foreign private law (K) year year
16 Foreign private insurance law (K*k, Kdp, Kdq, Switzerland see J) (subject code Kk) year year
17 Foreign commercial and business law (L) year year
18 Intellectual property law, competition law, art law, media law, consumer protection (N) year year
19 Medicine and law (Oa) year year
20 Informatics, digitization, data protection and law (Ob) year year
21 Traffic, transport and law (Oc) year year
22 Sport and law (Od) year year
23 Age and law (Oe) year year
24 Swiss civil procedure law, alternative dispute resolution, SchKG, attorney and notary law (P) year year
25 Foreign civil procedural law, alternative dispute resolution, enforcement law, attorney and notary law (Q) year year
26 International private law, civil procedure law and enforcement law (R) year year
27 General and foreign constitutional and administrative law including military law (S) year year
28 Swiss and foreign tax law (S*q) (subject code Sq) year year
29 Swiss constitutional and administrative law including military law (T) year year
30 Canon Law, ecclesiastical law (U) year year
31 European Law (V) year year
32 International law (V) (subject code Vö) year year
33 Criminal Law, Criminal Procedure Law (W) year year
34 Criminology (Wi) year year
35 Labour and employment law, social law and social insurance law (including youth welfare / juvenile law) (call-number U according to the new library classification system) (subject code Z) year year
36 Collections of laws and decisions (Zaa-) year year


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