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UB Veterinary Medicine


Information about Access

All entrance doors of the building TFA are currently closed, access is only possible for Vetsuisse Faculty members. All other persons preferably contact the library team by e-mail ( before visiting the library.

Book Study Spaces

UZH members can reserve study spaces via booked:
Non-UZH members contact the library team for reservations at the info desk or preferably in advance by e-mail (
We also offer study spaces that can be used without prior reservation.

Information about the Location (TFA-01-51)

The veterinary medical collection provides the members of the Vetsuisse Faculty, the University Animal Hospital and the University of Zurich with electronic and printed media.

The proximity to the teaching and research of veterinary medicine and related fields ensures the subject-specific reference and the mirroring of the current focus in teaching and research.

Dog Handling / Husbandry

These rules were communicated in writing by the FVV on 04.12.2020 and have been approved by the dean:
  • Only calm, house-trained and compatible dogs may be brought in.
  • Dogs in the library are to be kept on a leash and/or placed there at all times.
  • Dogs may not be watered or fed in the library.
  • Dogs may not be placed in crates, dog carrier bags or others in the library.
  • The library is not a playground for and with dogs, go outside for this purpose.
  • The library has been newly renovated and interior fittings must not be damaged by dogs.
  • A dog may only be taken into the library when accompanied by its owner, who will supervise the dog at all times and is responsible for ensuring that the rules are adhered to.
  • The library is not a dog shelter.

Weiterführende Informationen

Live Occupancy

Current occupancy without consideration of reserved study spaces

Subject Information

Subject related support with information about resources, courses, tutorials and experts can be found here:

Location rules

Location Rules

You can download the location rules.