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University Library Zurich

UB Plant Sciences


* The building is located on the grounds of the Botanical Garden and can therefore be reached from outside only during garden opening hours.

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Information on the Location (BOT)

The library's collection includes about 24,000 titles as well as 1,200 periodicals and serial publications (esp. Floras), of which about 300 are current subscriptions and standing orders. Most of these works are located in the library at Zollikerstrasse 107, but literature on limnology is also located at the Department of Limnology in Kilchberg (in the catalog: copies with location "Limnologische Station").


Collection focus

  • Plant systematic and taxonomy
  • Comprehensive collection of Floras (from around the world)
  • Phytogeography
  • Structure, diversity, phylogenetics and evolution of plants (with emphasis on higher plants)
  • Developmental biology und molecular biology of plants
  • Plant physiology and phytochemistry
  • Limnology

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