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Terms of Use / FAQ

Who can use the devices?

In principle, the use is available to all UZH members.
Reservations by persons or organizations outside the UZH are possible in exceptional cases and by prior arrangement.

Are there specific requirements for device use?

In most cases, you can get started immediately. When using a device for the first time, a short instruction is given by the DLS staff present on site.
It is also important that the specifications for safety & liability are known and respected.

Exception 3D Printer
The requirement for using the 3D printer is prior attendance of an introductory workshop. In this workshop, the steps from the design of a simple 3D object to printing are taught.

When and for How Long Can You Use the Devices?

The Design Thinking materials can be used at any time.
The use of the digital equipment is possible during supervised hours. To do so, simply contact the staff present on site.

In exceptional cases, individual devices can also be rented for a longer period. In this case, please contact us by mail.

Where Can You Use the Devices?

In principle, on-site use is possible in the DLS.
The drones are an exception. These may only be flown outdoors.

What to do at the end of use?

  • Cleaning of the devices or work spaces
  • Handing over the devices to the DLS staff
  • Reporting of any damage caused or problems detected

How Much Does It Cost to Use?

In principle, the use of the devices is free of charge.
In exceptional cases, e.g. in the case of large material consumption in 3D printing, the real costs incurred will be invoiced.

Is It Necessary to Have a Deposit or an ID Card?

A deposit is not required. However, an official identification document (ID, passport) or the UZH card must be deposited before use.

Can You Be Barred from Using the Equipment?

As a matter of principle, we rely on the personal responsibility and fairness of the users.

In the event of misuse (non-compliance with the terms of use or safety regulations, damage, etc.), we reserve the right to temporarily exclude individual persons from using the equipment.

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Questions about DLS Equipment?

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