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University Library Zurich

High-End Workstations

MIFCOM - Gaming-PCs




At DLS, there are 3 high-performance computers available that can be used to experiment in the following areas:

  • Data visualization / 3D visualisation
  • Data science / text analysis
  • Game design
  • Machine learning
  • Lego Mindstorms


Information Hub

Various open source tools are preinstalled on all devices. Individual use cases are also available in some cases. In addition, links are provided that lead directly to suitable web tools and learning platforms.
The following list is a selection of available tools and libraries:

Area Software Learning Platform

3D visualization


Blender Tutorials

Data visualization


Tutorial (Scott Murray)

Data Science

R und R-Studio

R for Data Science

Game design


Unity Learn

Machine learning

OpenCV Modules

Simulation graphic


Processing Tutorials

Text analysis

forText (in German)

forText Lerneinheiten (in German)


Weiterführende Informationen

Questions about DLS Equipment?

+41 44 636 11 11