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Knowledge Organization

Knowledge organisation is pretty much what libraries have been doing for 2000 years: collecting information, arranging it, describing it and making it findable. When you systematically organize your literature, sources and notes in the course of a research project, you are basically building your personal library on a topic.

What Are the Benefits of Knowledge Organization?

Being well organized means you keep track of your literature, notes, citations and summaries - and save time and nerves:  

    No lost notes and thoughts
    Your knowledge remains findable and retrievable - even years later
    Contents can be linked more easily
    Consistent citations
    No "PDF graveyards"
    Protection against plagiarism

Organizing Knowledge - How does it Work?

You can document your knowledge using various methods:

    Linking information through a tag system
    Enriching documents with metadata
    Creating collections of quotations
    Writing good summaries

All in One: Literature Management Tools

The easiest way to combine several methods in one is to use

Literature management tools

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