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Avoiding Plagiarism

It is good scientific practice to clearly separate your own work from that of others. Whenever you take ideas or text passages from literature without marking their source, it is considered plagiarism.

How Can I Avoid Plagiarism?

You shouldn't worry about plagiarism if you are:

You can find instructions on how to avoid plagiarism here How to Void Plagiarism

How Do I Cite Correctly?

Cite each source in the text and in the bibliography/reference list. Different rules apply to citation depending on the faculty and subject area. So ask which citation method is required for your paper.

The most important Citation Styles are:  

APA Format: (Graefen & Liedke-Goebel, 2020) 

Harvard (de): (vgl. Graefen/Liedke-Goebel 2020: 53) 

MLA (de): (Graefen und Liedke-Goebel 53) 

Deutsche Zitierweise (de): Footnotes1


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