Our Apprenticeships

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Initial Vocational Education "Fachfrau/Fachmann Information und Dokumentation EFZ"

Information and documentation specialists deal with the selection, indexing, storage, preservation, and presenting of media and information.

Apprenticeship at the UB

Training positions 2-3 per year
Duration 3 years
Trade school 2 days per week
General conditions

- Introduction to all departments and areas of the UB

-Two external internships: archive, documentation center

-Can be completed with or without a matriculation certificate

-Graduation: Federal certificate of competence / Federal VET diploma

Open Apprenticeships

Beginning August 2023 occupied (area 2, law)
Beginning August 2024 open
Applications ausbildung@ub.uzh.ch
Introduction days We offer introduction days. Please direct your request to David Ehrat via telephone (Tel. 044 634 50 48) or e-mail.


University of Zurich
UB, Medicine Careum
David Ehrat
Gloriastrasse 16
CH-8006 Zürich