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University Library Zurich

Our Apprenticeships

Initial Vocational Education "Fachfrau/-mann Information und Dokumentation EFZ"

Information and documentation specialists deal with the selection, indexing, storage, preservation, and presenting of media and information.

Apprenticeship at the UB

Training positions 2-3 per year
Duration 3 years
Trade school 2 days per week
General conditions
  • Introduction to all departments and areas of the University Library (UB)
  • Two external internships: archive and public library
  • Can be completed with or without a matriculation certificate
  • Graduation: Federal certificate of competence / Federal VET diploma

Open Apprenticeships

Beginning August 2024


Beginning August 2025
  • 1 apprenticeship in area 2 (Law)
  • 1 apprenticeship in area 4 (Medicine) & area 5 (Sciences)
Introduction days

The next introduction days will take place in the spring semester of 2024 (probably March and June).

Please direct your request to David Ehrat via telephone (Tel. 044 634 50 48) or e-mail.


University of Zurich
UB Medicine Careum
David Ehrat
Gloriastrasse 16
CH-8006 Zürich

Weiterführende Informationen

Questions about our Apprenticeships?

David Ehrat

+41 44 634 50 48

Questions about Our Secondary Vocational Education?

Ladina Tschander, lic. phil. MAS IS

+41 44 634 31 70

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