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Newspaper articles

Which newspaper articles are unsuitable for ZORA?

Articles from newspapers that are not mentioned in the respective faculty's guide will not be included in ZORA.

Accepted newspaper articles by faculty:

Not every faculty includes articles from daily newspapers in ZORA. Below you can find an overview of which newspapers are accepted by which faculties after consultation with the respective dean's office:

Faculty Accepted newspapers in ZORA






Significant newspapers
(international, national oder regional)
MeF no newspapers accepted


Welt der Tiere


Does ZORA accept a newspaper article whose author is a journalist (e.g. from the NZZ) and which merely mentions names of UZH scientists without these scientists being authors of the article?

No, the researchers of the University of Zurich should be authors of newspaper articles themselves, since ZORA documents the research output of the UZH. Researchers cannot only be mentioned in the text, they must be authors themselves or at least interview partners of the article. Interviews in which UZH researchers speak directly and elaborate on their text are fine for ZORA. The interviewer (editor of the newspaper) and the interviewed researcher are then considered to be authors.

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