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ORCID is an internationally recognized persistent identifier. The identification number links researchers directly to their publications and assigns them uniquely regardless of name changes, different spellings of the name or a change of institution. The UZH and many other research institutions support ORCID. More and more publishers and research funders such as the SNSF also require an ORCID iD.


ZORA integrates the ORCID iD. Thus, researchers can import their publications directly from ORCID - or link them to their ORCID iD in the repository afterwards. This enables even easier recording and retrieval as well as the correct export of research results.

Tutorial: Link your ORCID iD in ZORA

How Do I Register With ORCID?

You can easily register on the ORCID website

Note: The ORCID iD is your personal identifier. By registering, you must agree to the privacy policy as well as the terms of use of ORCID. UZH is not responsible for the use of the data stored in the ORCID Record.

What Are the Benefits of an ORCID iD?

The use of an ORCID iD is free and voluntary - and brings you the following benefits:

  •     Higher visibility of your publication output
  •     Clear attribution of authorship even in collaborations
  •     Better overview of your data
  •     More networking in scientific publishing
  •     Easy data exchange between different systems

ORCID - Permanent and Independent

The ORCID iD functions independently of institutions and links other personal IDs (Web of Science, Scopus, etc.) under one umbrella as a higher-level ID. You can use the ORCID iD throughout your career and deactivate or reactivate it at any time. You have full control over what data is displayed in your ORCID Record.

Data Protection

ORCID and the implementation in ZORA are designed in compliance with data protection laws. The following data is transferred from ZORA to ORCID servers in the USA and a worldwide network:

  • Name
  • Mail address
  • Affiliation to UZH
  • Bibliographic metadata of your publications (in case of export)

You can manage the latter in your ORCID record. Privacy agreement (PDF, 625 KB)

Requirements of the SNSF

When submitting a project, the SNSF requires a CV in which the project applicants must provide an ORCID iD. In addition, the SNSF recommends that the most recent and important work is recorded in the ORCID iD profile.

To the requirements of the SNSF

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