How to Publish?

Are you planning to publish soon? We recommend that you publish your work Open Access: Either directly in a recognised OA journal or as a second publication in a repository. UB Zurich offers financial support to UZH members for OA publishing. Funding for Publications

How Do I Publish Open Access?

Gold Road

You publish directly in an OA journal that requires a licence. Your article is immediately available to everyone. We support you with the accruing article fees (APCs) within the framework of the Read&Publish contracts of the UB Zurich

Diamond Road

Similar to gold, except that there are no article fees if the journal is not commercial but funded by a university, consortia or scientific associations.

Green Road

You first publish in a conventional closed-access journal. Then you make a secondary publication in a repository or on your own website. The UZH provides you with the institutional repository ZORA and the OA journal platform HOPE for this purpose.

Hybrid Road

Publishers offer the option of additionally purchasing an OA publication for individual, traditionally published articles. Since this business model relies on double payment of fees, we neither recommend nor support it.


Accepted ≠ Final Published Version

In the case of subsequent Open Access publication you are usually allowed to deposit the accepted manuscript, only rarely the published publisher's PDF (e.g. publish Green OA in ZORA (PDF, 135 KB)). Sometimes these files can only be made openly accessible after a blocking period of 12 to 24 months from initial publication.

Difference in between accepted author manuscript and final publisher version (PDF, 441 KB)