Open Access CH & EU

Open Access in Switzerland

National Open Access Strategy

The Swiss Open Access Strategy dates from 2017 and envisages that all publicly funded scientific publications should be openly accessible by 2024.

swissuniversities: National Open Access Strategy


SNSF promotes Open Access

The Swiss National Science Foundation SNSF requires its grantees to publish their publications and research data Open Access. The SNSF has recently become a member of PlanS and will push for the abolition of embargo periods.

Open Access @ SNSF


Open Access in the EU

Horizon 2020 / Horizon Europe 2021 to 2027

Horizon Europe is the EU’s framework programme to promote research and innovation and the successor to the Horizon 2020 programme. It commits its researchers to ensuring open access to their publications.

Horizon Europe

Switzerland currently has the status of a non-associated third country with regard to Horizon Europe. Researchers at Swiss institutions can participate in most collaborative projects, but not in individual projects. The Confederation is aiming for full association, and on its behalf the SNSF is continuously working on transitional solutions.

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The OpenAIRE research information platform is the main European e-infrastructure for Open Science. It supports the EU’s Horizon programmes with the aim of collecting all research results from EU-funded research and making them more reusable via the implementation of FAIR principles.
The UZH repository ZORA is a certified source database for the platform and thus actively supports the linking of project information, publications and research data. In addition, UB Zurich participates in the working groups of the OpenAIRE association together with more than 50 partners across Europe.