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Finding the Correct Newspaper

Enter the newspaper title or ISSN in swisscovery UB and ZB Zurich, and start the search query with enter:

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Chose the Desired Edition

You can view all editions by clicking on See all versions

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Display Metadata

Click on the title to call up the full display:

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Log In to Place an Order

Log in with SWITCH edu-ID and password. If you have forgotten your password, please click on the link to have it reset.

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Chose Year and Volume

Select the year and volume of the desired article:

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Select Digitization Option

Click on the digitization button. If the digitization button is missing, the holding library does not offer digitization.

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Fill In the Dorm with the Details of the Desired Article

Please accept the declaration of consent and complete the digitization order by clicking on Send digitization request.

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