Our Motivation

The world of scholarly communication and information provisioning is rapidly progressing. Interactive learning, open science, and new publishing models mutate the information landscape constantly and consequentially the role of university libraries.

Progressive Knowledge

We offer our users modern access to the world of scholarly knowledge and support them in their scientific usage of data and information. UZH members may find a wide variety of digital and analog media accessible. Additionally, we offer consultations and in-house training.

Open Door

The UB actively helps redefining the core developments of librarianship. We follow trends in scholarly communication, participate in open science projects, superregional initiatives and consistently assist in the development of new, research benefiting services.

Work Spaces

The UB offers users a variety of different study and creative work spaces that are constantly further developed. These spaces are open to UZH members as well as the public, inviting them to take part in events and visit exhibitions, thus, cultivating the exchange of knowledge and offering a space to network.



Our Values


The UB Zurich offers modern access to the realm of knowledge. It unifies a large variety of services concerning librarianship and data access in six new areas, thus simplifying both the analog and the digital search for information.


The UB creates open spaces and inspiring events for exchanging knowledge. It supports thus scholars and students and is open to the public. This makes the UB a knowledge hub at the heart of research, teaching, and society.


The UB Zurich thrives from the people that it supports in their personal development. It offers its services to its users and is committed to advancing their scientific competence in handling data and information. Thus, the UB continues to be a competent partner in research and teaching.



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