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Brushing Teeth: Yes of Course! – From Pulling Teeth to Dental Hygiene

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The history of dentistry is often misunderstood. It consists of much more than pulling teeth and gold fillings. In Zurich in particular, pioneering work in prevention was done with the caries research station at the Center of Dental Medicine, which had far-reaching consequences for public health.


In its exhibition, the UB Medicine Careum shows historical books from the collection of the Center of Dental Medicine, supplemented with objects from the Medical Collection.

Duration: 21 February 2022 until 31 January 2023

Location: UB Medicine Careum, Entrance area





Exhibition on the theme "Traveling"

The summer vacations are unfortunately (soon) over here at the University of Zurich, but you can always dream of new travel plans. Let yourself be inspired by our travel literature from the UB German Studies & Nordic Language and Literature. Our travelogues from different centuries give us an exciting insight into how people used to travel and what shaped them on their wanderings. Ida Pfeiffer, a prominent travel writer, for example, describes her adventurous journeys over sea and through various jungle landscapes in South America - an arduous undertaking for a woman in the 19th century. Or read about fictional journeys in German and Nordic literature. Discover (dream) worlds, for example with "Fern bleiben" by Ulrike Ulrich or "Fliehkräfte" by Stephan Thome. Many literary studies also explore the question of the extent to which travel shapes and has shaped us in written form or in real form.


Ort: UB German Studies & Nordic Language and Literature
Exhibition poster (PDF, 446 KB)



The Library of Adolf Schulz

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The exhibition in the University Library for Natural Sciences presents a small insight into documents from the library of Adolph Schultz, professor of anthropology and former director of the Anthropological Institute of the University of Zurich.

Location: UB Sciences, Floor J