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University Library Zurich

General Information

Locations without Information Desk

Some locations do not have an information desk. Library staff is usually available on site or you can contact someone at an information desk (telephone or video call) if you have any questions or need help.

Items from Locations with Limited Access

Items can be ordered via swisscovery UB und ZB Zürich to a location with public access and collected there.


  • Some UB locations offer the possibility to return items outside opening hours (use filter Returns during opening hours of buildings at locations).
  • Items from UB libraries can also be returned 24/7 at Zentralbibliothek Zürich.

Long-Term Locker

Several UB locations offer long-term lockers for CHF 20.- per semester.

Locker policies can be found at  Locations (filter long-term lockers)

Long-Term Study Space

Several UB locations offer study spaces for long-term use free of charge. You can find the respective requirements at Locations (filter long-term study spaces).

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